12 MiniBattles

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What is 12 MiniBattles


12 MiniBattles is an innovative and fun game theme for 2 players. Here you will discover all the best physics games, the goal is to win all the games.

This physics-based game offers a variety of game genres that you can randomly play, including the Battle of the Mace, Golf, Wrestling, Ax Battle, Soccer, Duel, and Soccer Physics. Each game has a unique button that can be used to control it, making it simple to play and providing hours of entertainment.

In the game of Golf, you must three times place the ball in the hole in the center of the screen. You should hit your opponent three times with your weapon in duels, axes, and mace fights. Some of these wars will take place in the Wild West, some with the Vikings in antiquity, and still others with wizards or archers in the Middle Ages. Collect all the ammunition in the gas before your opponent acts or you will be destroyed by your opponent in this fierce battle.

In a copter mission, you have to rescue five people from an island by helicopter and deliver them to your location. The first person to save 5 people first wins the game. For games known as Football Physics or Goll, the player who scores the first 5 wins. In the wrestling game, you have to balance correctly and force your opponent to retreat to win with 3 points.

You and a companion will enjoy playing this fascinating game for hours. Play every game available and spend hours having great relaxing moments with your friends. Enjoy the game and win every match!


Discover a fun, addictive 2-player video game. Various random games for you to experience. Easy one-button control. Explore the game on all web browsers (desktop and mobile).

How to play

  • Player 1: "A"
  • Player 2: "L"

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