8 Ball Pool

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What is 8 Ball Pool


8 Ball Pool is a skill-filled pinball game loved by many people. In this game you will clash with professional marble-shooting opponents, can you win?

Like the game 8 Ball Pro, 8 Ball Pool also has similar gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you will destroy the balls. If the number of balls that hit the hole is higher, you will own that type of ball. There are 2 types of marbles: white striped marbles and smooth marbles. The properties of these two types of marbles are the same and are scored the same. In addition to those two types of marbles, you need to pay attention to white marbles and black marbles. The white ball will be the cue ball used for main shooting and the black ball will be the main ball. The black ball is only counted when it is the last ball shot after shooting all the balls you own.

Ball shooting technique

Once you understand the rules of the game, the next thing you need to pay attention to is marble shooting technique. Depending on each individual, there will be different ways of observing and shooting experience, but here you can refer to common marble shooting techniques:

Straight-In Shots: Straight-In Shots will be the most basic shot in the game. You can apply this technique when the ball has space and has a basic line of sight with the hole. This technique requires precision and proper alignment.

Combination Shots: This shot is a combination shot that involves hitting one ball into another to get the second ball into the hole. This technique is especially useful when your target ball is blocked or inaccessible. To make a combination shot, carefully line up the cue ball with the first ball and try to hit it at the correct angle and speed so that it collides with the second ball and pockets it.

Bank Shots: This way of shooting balls is used when you want to take the cue ball off the rail before hitting the target ball into the pocket. Use this shooting technique when the direct path to the pocket is obstructed or when you need to position the cue ball for your next shot. To make a bank shot, visualize the angle at which the cue ball needs to hit the rail to bounce into the target ball and hole. Aim accordingly and hit the cue ball with appropriate force.

Spin Shots: This method of shooting applies spin to the cue ball to control its trajectory after hitting the target ball. By applying topspin, backspin or sidespin, you can control the path of the cue ball and position it for your next shot. To apply spin, use the cue stick to hit the cue ball off center.

How to play

Use the mouse to place the ball and shoot it.


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