Basketball Beans

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What is Basketball Beans


Basketball Beans is an exciting sports game in which you gain victory if you get more points compared to your enemies in basketball matches in 1 minute.

Control your character by using the mouse to drag. When you move the mouse, your character also moves. At the start of the game, you should try to run as fast as you can to get the ball first and gain the advantage early in the game. The ball will be left in the centre of the field. When you touch the ball, your character will automatically hold the ball. Navigate him towards the opponent's basket. Remember to avoid members of the opposing team. They can scramble and steal your ball. However, you have other team members. They will support you. Each match will last for 1 minute and you are randomly paired with another player. When you run to the jump line, your character will automatically jump and score. Hit your opponent and show off your basketball skills.

You can collect diamonds from daily quests or participate in matches. During the match, if you win, the number of diamonds you get will be more. Use diamonds to unlock costumes for your Beans character.

Features of Basketball Beans

  • The fascinating sports game
  • Fight in 1 minute
  • Unlock new skins with diamonds

How to play

  • Drag to move.

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