Crazy Cars

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What is Crazy Cars


Crazy Cars is a colorful 3D racing game. Join your friends to see who can conquer all the races this time. Show off your intense racing passion right now!

Participating in the game you will be racing in different interesting locations. The first will be a straight path for you to control easily. Followed by roads with dangerous obstacles to challenge your steering wheel. Overcome obstacles such as steep slopes, mills, fences... to find the way to the final destination. If you want to practice your driving skills more proficiently, choose the 1-player mode. But don't forget the new 2-player mode is an extremely attractive challenge mode. You can join another friend on the same keyboard to see who will finish first.

In addition to training the steering wheel in the game, you can also collect useful items. On the way to move will appear stars and wrench try to collect all of them. These collectibles will help you unlock new cars with brand-new engines, brakes, and tires. There are also a number of other power-up items that help your car become more powerful, a competitive advantage over opponents. Using in-game items effectively you will definitely be a formidable opponent.

How to control

Player 1

  • Use WASD keys to control
  • Use R KEY to Respawn

Player 2

  • Use Arrow keys to control
  • Use Enter key to Respawn

Overall Crazy Cars is a fun game worth experiencing alone or with friends. Hope the challenges included in the game will bring you great moments of relaxation. We hope you can become the number one driver when participating in this exciting game.


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