Crazy Party

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What is Crazy Party


Crazy Party is a game that challenges your friends to see who will win after each dramatic battle involving your color reflexes. Enjoy the fun matches right now!

Stepping into the game you will immediately see that this is a game with 3D graphics with many bright colors and more specifically, the gameplay of this game will make you addicted. Your task in the game is to control your bird to move quickly to catch up with the opponent on a continuous rotation. So how to move fast now? Well, if you look closely you will see that there are 3 color frames displayed that are green, blue, and red. You need to use exactly these 3 color frames, when any color appears on the wheel, you must quickly click on that color. If you click the right color your bird will move up and if you click the wrong color your bird will stay still. If you hit the wrong color too many times and your opponent hits the right color you are likely to be quickly caught up by your opponent. So, observe the right colors and quickly catch up with your opponent and win.

The game is set up in 2 modes that are 1 player mode and 2 player mode. Challenge your friends today to see who will have the fastest reflexes.


  • Vivid 3D game
  • Many players join
  • Cute icons after every win
  • Join friends in 2 player mode
  • Attractive gameplay creates a fun play space

How to play

1 player mode

  • Use the left/right/down arrow keys to play

2 player mode

Player 1

  • Use the A/S/D keys to play

Player 2

  • Use the left/right/down arrow keys to play

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