Dynamons 7

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What is Dynamons 7


Dynamons 7 is a game for those who love the confrontation of Pokemon. Choose your favorite Pokemon to start matches to help upgrade Pokemon right now!

In the game, you will go on a journey to collect pokemon with the pokemon you initially owned. The more Pokemon you collect, the more choices you have during battle. To do this, you need to go through the stages of developing and upgrading the initial Pokemon you capture.

Use match cards appropriately

Each Pokemon will have its own, unique power cards. This is also considered a fighting move of that pokemon. Use the appropriate move to attack your opponent. To know if that move is strong or not, look at your opponent's health bar. If the health bar decreases a lot, this move is strong; if this move is light, the health bar will decrease a little. Based on that, you can effectively change your attacks for the next rounds.

One thing you need to note is that when it comes to attack, defense, and aiming stats when you raise these stats, your pokemon will become stronger. There will be items that will restore your health bar and restore your energy bar. The combination of fighting moves and items will give pokemon a peak power that can destroy opponents in one fighting move. Try to collect these items to improve your pokemon's fighting ability even more.

Upgrade pokemon

After each battle, your pokemon will be upgraded to a new version, and all the stats of XP, attack, defense, and aiming will also increase. The higher you get to the higher versions, the more your strength will improve. In addition, you can capture other pokemon to help your pokemon squad become more diverse and powerful. If you want to capture any pokemon, carefully research the characteristics of that pokemon to create the strongest pokemon team.

How to play: Use the mouse to play


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