Fire vs Water Fights

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What is Fire vs Water Fights


Fire vs Water Fights is an extremely attractive boxing game where you will fight with two completely opposite extremes, Fire and Water. Prepare for a major battle and make sure you have the greatest skills to overcome your long-time foe! Start the match now!

You're like water, and he's like fire. You two don't get along very well. It's time to put an end to a long-running quarrel and decide who is better for real. You can pick between two players, depending on your preferences. After all, fighting in a really sophisticated manner is a matter of style in this game. Dress up, put on your trendiest sunglasses, and watch as your luminous fists light up the scene.

You'll run across your opponent in a variety of locations, such as an abandoned football field, an ancient dock, and so on. When one team wins two rounds in a succession, the fight is over. Until then, you'll struggle for your life and prove who the real deal is to everyone. You may play in one-player mode or two-player mode with a friend who shares the same keyboard as you! Use your WASD keys or arrow keys to control your player in any case. W and S, as well as up and down arrows, can be used to attack. You'll have a chance to utilize your super punch by pressing the G key every now and again. When you use the super punch for the first time, you should merely wait a few seconds for it to activate again. Give it your all, plan your actions properly, and prepare to face off against your biggest foe!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Many game levels for you to explore
  • Easy controls
  • Radiant Player

How to play

Use keys A, D to move
Use keys W, S to attack
Use keys G to super punch

Use LEFT-RIGHT arrows to move
Use UP-DOWN arrows to attack
Use keys P to super punch


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