Fun Fishing

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What is Fun Fishing


Fun Fishing is a great entertaining game where it is allowed to mine valuable goldfish. Use professional fishing equipment to get bountiful catches. Have fun!

Participating in the Fun Fishing game, the first thing you will encounter is a wonderful ocean space with the appearance of countless different types of fish. But the main target of this fishing trip is valuable small goldfish. Use the mouse and keyboard to click on the small gold areas that swim through, the direction of the cannon will automatically point towards the cursor you click. The goldfish that are within the range of the net will be collected and converted into points accumulated on the corner of the screen. Quick hands and quick eyes to see the correct position of the goldfish schools and collect as many points as possible.

Support items

Improving the efficiency of catching support items is indispensable in this fun game. Watch ads to receive purple diamonds, from which you will open items to help you catch more times such as Fire bomb, Radioactive bait, Electro shock, Coin regeneration. Besides Canons, you can upgrade to the most modern advanced Canons by using gold coins to buy them and start catching them more efficiently.


  • Beautiful ocean pictures
  • How to play simple, attractive
  • Many items to support fishing
  • Upgrading Modern Canons

How to play

  • Use your mouse to click on the locations where there are goldfish.
  • Mouse operation to buy and upgrade items, Canons.

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