Ghost Wiper

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What is Ghost Wiper


Ghost Wiper is an adventure game whose mission is to capture released ghosts and return them to where they belong. Explore this mystery game now!

Where the most important thing to remember is that the mission fits nicely in this unique theme, formerly associated with the Halloween season when amazing things happen in the ghostly realm. A lot of ghosts have been set free and unleashed from hell or the depths of the ground where they were cursed to live forever, so let's get to work and successfully eliminate all of them by catching them and sending them back where they belong, with a special laser-shooting weapon that will catch and bind them, and then with a special tool that will successfully absorb them. Wipe them out of existence and move from house to house with these two guys who specialize in missions like these.

How to play

Little brother:

  • W,A,S,D: Move
  • F: Laser gun

Elder brother:

  • ARROW KEYS: Move
  • K(Attracts ghosts): Broom
  • L: Bomb
  • SPACE: Carry the rock

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