Guess Who Multiplayer

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What is Guess Who Multiplayer


Guess Who Multiplayer is an extremely engaging character guessing game. This game cannot be played alone so join a friend or try your hand at CP.

Rules of the game

Starting the game you will be allowed to choose to play against your PC or play online to connect with other participants. Starting the game you will choose your favorite character, your opponent will do the same. You and your opponent will not know which character you have chosen. After choosing a character, you will start asking questions related to the character that your opponent chooses to gradually eliminate. The opponent will also ask you questions related to your character to initiate elimination. The questions will take place one after another until you choose the last person. If the last person you choose matches the character your opponent chose, you will win.

Smart Q&A

In this 2 player games, pay attention to the suggested questions at the bottom of the table. You can choose difficult questions to ask your opponents. After each question, you will be able to narrow down the scope of your character guesses a lot. Clues related to appearance such as hair color, necklace, earrings,... are very important so rely on those details to ask your opponent. Besides asking, you also need to answer the questions that your opponent asks you. If the question has similar details to the character you choose, click on the check mark. If the details in the question do not match the character you choose, select the X. Try deductive reasoning to come up with your intelligent questions and answers.

Fun interaction

The game provides a fun and interactive way to enjoy the favorite Guess Who game with friends or other players online. It adds an element of competition and allows players to show off their reasoning skills while having fun and interacting with others. Besides this great game you can join the game with similar theme Skribbl.io.

How to play

Use the mouse to select characters, select questions, select answers.


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