Hello Neighbor

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What is Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor is a dramatic secret discovery game. Your mission is to sneak into your neighbor's house to find out what the hell he's inventing. Stop the bad things he did so no more neighbors will have to move.

The story in the game revolves around the curiosity of a neighbor who just moved to this new area. When he moved to a new house, he discovered the suspicious actions of his neighbor. So the boy decided to sneak into the neighbor's house to discover the truth. The old neighbor is really tough, don't let him catch you and kick you out of the house. The game has gameplay similar to Backrooms Escape 1, shared more here.

Thinking game

In the game you will have to control the character to suspicious locations in the neighbor's house. Observe and find clues in the house. These clues will help you discover hidden mysteries. Items you find in the house such as keys, wrenches,... can help go deeper into the neighbor's house.

Skills to escape from neighbors

While exploring your neighbor's house, you also need to pay attention to the homeowner. When discovered, you should escape this house quickly before being caught by the neighbor. The ways you can escape from the house are the main door and windows in the house, or you can hide in places where the neighbor cannot detect you. When you run to your house, you will be safe.

How to play

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use space bar to jump
  • Use E key to pick up objects

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