Hole Defense

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What is Hole Defense


Hole Defense is an addictive defense game that you can join right now. Your mission is to protect the base and kill zombies to get more support in the game.

Defend the main base

In the game you will control the guard army to prevent the zombies from entering the main base. Your army will be equipped with guns and a variety of support items such as fences, sandbags, and shovels to dig holes. When zombies appear, make effective use of support items. These support items will not have a lasting effect so you need to have specific strategies.

Strategy in the game

You need to distinguish which types of support items are used to stop and which types of support items are used to kill zombies. In the game sandbags and barriers are used to prevent zombie infiltration. The shovel used to dig a water hole will kill zombies. There are also many other items such as cotton gland, which is also an item to kill zombies. Be flexible in how you use these items. You can successfully stop the zombies but if you are negligent you will not be able to stop the powerful waves of zombie attacks.


You can upgrade the defending army by accumulating coins. Moreover, the higher the level, the more great support items you will experience. These cool upgrades are also a great addition to the game. Join and build the most powerful army of defenders!

How to control

Use the mouse to activate support items. After activation, point the mouse at the position you want to place.


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