Medieval Battle 2P

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What is Medieval Battle 2P


Medieval Battle 2P is a medieval strategy game, your task is to arrange the best defensive soldiers to fight the enemy. Use your smart strategy to win.

You may start a single-player journey and use your army to conquer other territories. Remember that, aside from the soldiers' characteristics, the plan is crucial. For example, low-defense troops, such as archers, should be placed on the backsides, while high-defense soldiers, such as knights, should be placed on the front sides. You will win the war once you have destroyed every enemy unit on the field. Don't forget to play the game with a friend in two-player mode. Make a call to a buddy and put your plans to the test on the battlefields!

You can join the game in 1 player or 2 player mode. Explore the game and come up with the right strategies to become the strongest hero.

How to play

  • "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" - Interact
  • "X" - Remove minions
  • "CTRL" - Placing troops properly
  • "RIGHT CLICK" - Rotate the camera
  • "W, A, S, D" - Camera movement

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