One Card Game

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What is One Card Game


One Card Game is a fun multiplayer game, it's an addiction card game with easy rules, match cards by color or number and discard them to be the only winner.

You select a character at the start of the game and compete in these wonderful friendly tournaments. A wonderfully replicated gaming atmosphere, thorough directions, simple controls, and a plethora of fascinating opponents are all ready to keep your company waiting for you at any moment.

Decide on the number of participants. Be the first to get rid of all the cards by matching them by color or number. The game is controlled by action cards. The next player in line draws two cards and is forced to skip a turn. The player is brought to a halt by the skip card. The direction of the turn is switched to the opposite with the reverse card. A wild card can be placed on any card at any moment, changing the color of the card. Remember to hit the '1' button when you only have one card remaining, or you'll receive two penalty cards.


  • Gameplay that is addicting
  • Graphics that are bright and colorful
  • Rules of the game in detail
  • Controls that are easy to use

How to play

Use mouse to manipulate


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