Paper Fighter 3D

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What is Paper Fighter 3D


Paper Fighter 3D is an action game created on paper with a beautiful interface. Control the punching and kicking skills of the boxer to defeat the opponent.

Start the game and choose your preferred game mode 1P or 2P. In both modes, you have to show your skills in punching and kicking to knock down your opponent quickly and decisively. Each boxer will have a separate energy bar that represents their strength. To win, punch and kick your opponent until the energy bar decreases, you will win. Knockdowns that use both punches and kicks at the same time will cause the opponent to lose more energy. If you want to think about a strategy to take down your opponent, you can pause the match by clicking the pause button located in between the two energy bars.

Each match in the game consists of 3 rounds, beating the opponent 2 rounds you will be the strongest boxer. How effective punching and kicking skills will be used by you in this game, depends on whether you participate in the game or not. Don't wait any longer to join this addictive game right now!


  • The retro environment created from layers of paper
  • 1P or 2P
  • Ultimate punching and kicking skills
  • Endless entertainment

How to play


  • "W,A,S,D" to Move
  • "F" to Punch
  • "G" to Kick
  • "R" to Special Attack


  • "ARROW KEYS" to Move
  • "L" to Punch
  • "K" to Kick
  • "O" to Special Attack

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