Party Stickman 4 Player

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What is Party Stickman 4 Player


Party Stickman 4 Player is an exciting running adventure game for multiplayer. You have to control 4 characters to overcome obstacles and reach the destination.

The races with a person were all too familiar to everyone. Now, our website brings you a new running game, called Party Stickman 4 Player.

In this game, you go on an adventure with 4 players. You can control all four characters alone or invite 3 other friends to play. It depends on your decision.

The task that the game gives is to bring all 4 characters to the exit and open the door with the key obtained on the way. On the track, you will also encounter many obstacles such as sharp spikes and thorny wheels. Stay away from them and reach your destination safely. Good luck!

Features of Party Stickman 4 Player

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Multiplayer
  • Colorful and classic graphics
  • Cool effects and great sound
  • Various levels with many obstacles

How to play

  • Green Player: use "5123" to move
  • Pink Player: use "YGHJ" to move
  • Blue Player: use "WASD" to move
  • Red Player: use "Arrow keys" to move

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