Penalty Shooters 2

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What is Penalty Shooters 2


Penalty Shooters 2 is a game that only takes penalty shootouts to win. Choose the best-kicking players within the 11m range to win for your team.

Rules of the game Penalty Shooters 2

The game offers simple rules and is easy to understand. In the game you will face another team consisting of only 1 goalkeeper and 1 player. Players from your team and the opposing team will have to play 5 times alternately. For example, your team kicks first, then the opposing team and repeat until there are 5 kicks from each team. The team that kicks into the net all 5 times will win and move on to the next group. If the two teams after a match have the same score, there will be a replay until only one team wins. Besides, don't miss the equally attractive game Penalty Kick Online.

How to score the most goals?

The player in the game will be the one controlling the ball. The ball in the game will be attached to a continuously moving arrow, this arrow represents the direction the ball you intend to kick. In order for the ball to fly in the right direction you want, you must click at the right time. After you click on the correct kicking point, the player will perform the kick exactly at the point you will choose. When choosing a direction to kick the ball, you need to choose points where the ball will deceive the opposing team's goalkeeper. If you kick the ball easily or close to your opponent, it will be difficult for you to score a goal. Practice your soccer skills to score the most goals for your team.

Cup for the winning team

After you play against teams in the qualifying rounds, to win, you need to get through the quarter-finals and semi-finals. If you win in these two qualifying rounds, you will go straight to the final. The final will be a breathtaking match that you need to stay calm to overcome. The prestigious cup will be won by only one team every month. Touch the cup to confirm that you are a world-class professional player.


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