Shooting Star Battleship

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What is Shooting Star Battleship


Shooting Star Battleship is an endless shooting game where you have to confront meteors and mighty warships. Destroy them all and discover amazing upgrades.

The game space is dangerous when you will have to confront a lot of different battleships. They do not stop rushing to destroy you. You have to attack and defend yourself to destroy them and survive. In the game you have a total of 250 lives, meteorite and warship collisions will cost you quite a lot of lives. That's why you need to destroy quickly and promptly before the warships and meteors come. Buy items to increase combat power and destroy stronger enemies. Discover exciting upgrades and enjoy the exciting space of this endless shooting game now!

Game tips

Pay attention to the planes that are rushing towards you, destroy them, and limit the collision because it will greatly affect your life.


  • Endless shooting game
  • Strongly upgraded battleship
  • Cool music and effects

How to play

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to Shoot
  • X to Shoot special rockets

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