Soccer Masters: Euro 2020

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What is Soccer Masters: Euro 2020


Soccer Masters: Euro 2020 is an exciting 2 player game. Play as your favorite team and play against other teams in difficult soccer matches.

Quick Start, Friendly, and Tournament are just a few of the game types available in Soccer Masters.

Players may choose from single-player, two-player, or multiplayer game modes for each game style! The dual control action is a lot of fun, and it lets you put your soccer abilities to the test.

Players can choose between normal and hard difficulty levels in the Euro 2020 tournament format. Only those who have mastered the game controls and have excellent online soccer abilities should attempt to become Europe's champion!

How to play

Single player controls

  • Left and right arrow or AD to move
  • Up arrow/W to jump
  • Down arrow/S to slide
  • X or L to shot
  • Z or K to super shot

Two players controls

  • To move, player 1 use A or D and player 2 use left and right arrow
  • To jump, player 1 use W and player 2 use up arrow
  • To slide, player 1 use S and player 2 use down arrow
  • To shot, player 1 use B and player 2 use L
  • To super shot, player 1 use V and player 2 use K

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