Stick Archer Battle

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What is Stick Archer Battle


Stick Archer Battle is a fun fighting game in which you have to shoot accurately at your opponent by adapting to the changing environment and physics.

Are you familiar with gun shooting games? Now, let's try a new experience by enjoying a bow fight game. You will use arrows to attack your enemies and kill them to be a winner. However, the gameplay í not easy like that. You need to calculate the exact time and enough power to be able to shoot down your opponents.

You can try three modes in this game, including 1Player, 2 Players, and Deathmatch. Each mode has unique features. Try all three modes and find out your favorite mode.

Features of Stick Archer Battle

  • Simple and attractive gameplay
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Various levels and modes
  • Many environments

Release Date

  • Jan 27, 2022

How to play

  • Blue Player: "W" or "Tap the button"
  • Red Player: "UP ARROW" or "Tab the button"

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