Stickman Climb 2

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What is Stickman Climb 2


Coming to Stickman Climb 2 you will be participating in fiery races. Use the power of your hands to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line gloriously.

How do you move when your feet are restrained by something? In the game, our Stickman character also encounters a similar situation. He's being held back by familiar objects that he can't get out of. But instead, he has strong hands. Moreover, he is also provided with useful hammers. Use the hammer and the strength of your hands to move forward. In front will appear deadly obstacles. You need to overcome all those obstacles with your ability to bounce.

Game mode

The game has 2 modes 1P and 2P for you to choose from. If you want to practice your reflexes and bounce skills, you should choose 1P mode. If you want to join your friends, choose 2 player mode. Surely in this mode, you will have thrilling matches. Let's see who will finish first in this game.

Character change

You can change the Stickman character as you like when there are 8 color choices for you. Parts such as the bones or face of Stickman can also change at will. In addition, specialized tools such as hammers can also be changed. Besides, the things that restrain Stickman's legs, you can change into your favorite shapes like clouds. Lots of upgrades and characters for you to discover right now.

How to play

  • 1P: Use A/D keys to move. To revive use the R key.
  • 2P: Use the right/left arrow keys to move. To revive use the Enter key.

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