SUltimate Robo Duel 3D

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What is SUltimate Robo Duel 3D


Ultimate Robo Duel 3D is an exciting fighting action game. In this game, you have to control your robot to fight and defeat your opponents to gain victory.

In this game, you will transform into a robot to participate in duel combat. Defeat your opponents to win using your character's built-in moves. If you can combine skills together, the damage of your attacks will be much greater. Besides attack, don't forget about defence. There is a blood bar at the top of the screen. This bar runs out, you lose.

The game has 3 modes: Battle, 2 Player and Career. In Battle Mode, you will randomly match an opponent to fight while you can invite friends to fight together in 2 Player mode. Career mode allows you to fight level by level. You only need to win 1 point in Career mode while 2 points are needed to win in Battle and 2 Player mode. Try to win in all modes.

Features of Ultimate Robo Duel 3D

  • The attractive fighting action game
  • 3 game modes
  • Many available skins for your character

How to play


  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Punch: F, G
  • Special Hit: H
  • Bullet: T
  • Kick: C,V
  • Grab Move: B


  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • Punch: U, I
  • Special Hit: O
  • Bullet: M
  • Kick: J, K
  • Grab Move: L

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