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Super Ryona World 2

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What is Super Ryona World 2


Super Ryona World 2 is another adventure of Macy and Lucy. Fight the bosses and collect hats to improve your jumping, swimming, fireball shooting.

Test your skills through exciting levels. Fight several bosses and acquire caps to improve your jumping, swimming, fireball shooting, and hammer throwing abilities. Play local co-op two-player games with your friends and family at any time. Keep your hat on, bounce about, and avoid attackers. The new adventure is waiting for you.

How to play

Player 1

  • WASD: Move/Doors/Pipe
  • N: Run/Hold
  • M: Jump/Enter level

Player 2

  • ArrowKeys: Move/Doors/Pipe
  • Numpad 2: Run/Hold
  • Numpad 3: Jump

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