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Super Ryona World 3

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What is Super Ryona World 3


Super Ryona World 3 is the rescue of Queen Elizabeth from Evil Skull's castle. Her daughters can jump and evading obstacles, using powerups from the past.

Explore and find the queen by going through paintings to gain access to new regions within the palace. Make sure to use all of the prior power-ups to combat the terrible foes attempting to prevent you from rescue the magnificent queen. Have a good time and good luck!

How to play

P1 controls:

  • [A] - Left movement
  • [D] - Right movement
  • [W] - Climb up, throw held upward
  • [S] - Climb down
  • [N] - Run, hold
  • [M] - Jump

P2 controls:

  • [Left Arrow] - Left movement
  • [Right Arrow] - Right movement
  • [Up Arrow] - Climb up, throw item upward
  • [Down Arrow] - Climb down
  • [NumberPad 2] - Run, hold
  • [NumberPad 3] - Jump

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