Table Tennis World Tour

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What is Table Tennis World Tour


Table Tennis World Tour is a sports game that attracts many players because of its dynamic gameplay. Improve your batting skills through tournaments.

Popular sports game

It can be said that table tennis is one of the popular sports worldwide. The game developed from the late 19th century and quickly became a favorite sport of many people. This sport is also present in international tournaments such as the Olympics and World Table Tennis Championships and is played in most countries around the world. It is not only a recreational sport, but also a famous competitive sport. Table tennis can be played by all ages and levels, from children to the elderly, from beginners to professional athletes. Currently, the sport is not only in real life but it is also released on e-commerce platforms and typically the dramatic game Table Tennis World Tour.

Dynamic gameplay

Still the same rules as table tennis matches in game tournaments, giving players the most realistic simulation. From the table to the tennis player, table tennis is realistically simulated. In this game you will compete against AI from many different countries. Each person will stand at both ends of the table and begin making the first shots. Balls are counted as balls that hit the table and bounce back. If you do not hit the ball on the table, you will not get points, but your opponent will get points. The ball needs to go over the net and hit the opponent's side of the table, if the ball flies off the table you will not score a point. The game will become more attractive when you perform fast-paced and continuous battles. AI opponents are also very formidable, but you will definitely win if you regularly practice your table tennis skills. There are also many sports themes in 2 player games. You can refer to some dynamic sports games such as BasketBros, Tennis Masters, Volley Random.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the racket up or down, left or right, and diagonally. Click to perform polishing. Note that you need to click at the right time when the ball hits the table.


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