Tap Tap Shots

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What is Tap Tap Shots


Tap Tap Shots is an entertaining game with an attractive basketball theme. Throw the ball into the basket through consecutive levels and get the best result.

Practice your simple basketball shooting skills with this Tap Tap Shots game. The game is not too focused on realistic basketball shooting skills, but here you will through the clicker put the ball into the basket correctly. Clicking the first time the ball will bounce to a certain height, clicking consecutively the ball will also bounce continuously. Align the distance that the ball can enter the basket most easily. The process to throw the ball into the basket is not much because it is also limited by time, when the time runs out and the ball does not get into the basket, you will have to go back to the beginning. Observe the time on the time bar placed at the top to click the ball into the basket in time. Each time the ball enters the basket, you will be added 2 points. Especially the number of points is doubled when you throw the fireball into the basket. The process of appearing fireballs is not uncommon, but take advantage of those opportunities to increase the score and move on to the next level.

The game has many levels for you to conquer. Through each level, the challenge is increased, which is shown through the position of the basketball. They will be placed in different positions, so you should observe and adjust the clicking process to make it easier to throw the ball into the basket. Conquer more levels to prove your basketball talent.


2D graphics with harmonious, minimalist colors. Easy engaging gameplay. Play with the push of a button. Live sound every time you start playing. Nice slow feature in the last seconds of the game. Join the game on any available web browser.

How to play

  • Click to throw the ball into the basket and get the highest score.

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