2 Player Game: Mine Swine

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What is 2 Player Game: Mine Swine


2 Player Game: Mine Swine is a great historical game. In the game you will participate in the wars of powerful countries. Will your country's army win?

The game has extremely addictive gameplay. Starting the game you will choose the country you want. Each team will consist of 6 soldiers. The main task of each team is to find a bombing strategy to destroy the opponent. You will be given a location to place the bomb and so will your opponent. If you select the opponent's cell that has placed the bomb, you will be blown up. The team that is destroyed will lose.

You can play the game in 2 player mode or 1 player mode. In 2 player mode, you can join your friends. Each team will choose its own country and start the game. In 1 player mode, you will be playing against the server. If you win in this mode you will fight the next country on the map. Both modes have special fun gameplay that you will discover right now.


  • Cute funny game graphics
  • Fun strategy game
  • Choose your favorite country
  • The sound is very lively bombs

How to play

In both modes you just need to use the mouse to place bombs.


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