Ado Watermelon Game

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What is Ado Watermelon Game


Ado Watermelon Game is an extremely attractive fruit combination game. Your ultimate goal is to create a super giant watermelon. Let's start the game now!

Rules of combination

In the game, you must combine 2 fruits of the same type to create a new fruit. The first combination is cherries, combining 2 cherries you will create 1 grape. Next, combine 2 grapes and you will create 1 strawberry. Just keep combining until you create one or more watermelons. If you don't clearly remember the rules for combining, you can look at the fruit circle on the left. This circle will show you more clearly the process of combining fruits to build strategies in the game. The process of this game is quite similar to the Cookie Clicker City clicking game, you can refer to and play this game here.

One thing to keep in mind when you combine is the location of the fruits. When two fruits of the same type are close together, they can combine to create a new fruit. After the fruit appears, you are allowed to choose the location for that fruit to fall. Try to arrange the most suitable fruits to have the best combinations.

Limit line

The game places a limit line at the top, close to where the fruit appears. When you pile up fruit to a certain height, a limit line will appear as a warning. If the stacked fruit exceeds the limit you will lose.

Ado Watermelon Game's rankings

To make the game more exciting and competitive, the leaderboard has been updated to track the players with the highest scores. Through the leaderboard, you can see the player's name, their score, and possibly additional information such as completion time or level achieved. You can also see your position in the leaderboard and challenge yourself to improve your score. The rankings in Ado Watermelon Game are not only competitive but also create more excitement and motivation for players to continue playing and rise on the rankings.

How to play

Use the mouse to click on the position you think is appropriate to combine the fruits.


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