Air Hockey Glow: 2 Players

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What is Air Hockey Glow: 2 Players


Air Hockey Glow: 2 Players is an exciting arcade game in which you need to control your air hockey to guide and dribble the ball to the goal.

In this game, you will control a hockey player to move the ball to score a goal. To move the ball, you need to use the mouse to move. Drag your mouse and navigate the hockey field.

The playing screen is divided into two areas with a horizontal line in the middle. This horizontal line is the boundary between your area and your opponent's area. You can only move within your area. At the end of the playing field, there is a goal. You need to both attack the opponent to score and pay attention to the goal to prevent your opponent from scoring. Each table counts as one point. You and your opponent will participate in this battle until someone reaches 15 points. That person will win. However, it is challenging for many players because after each time you hit the ball, the ball will move really fast. Therefore, the ball can unexpectedly score a goal if you are distracted.

Every time you move or hit the ball, the sound is realistic and the ambient light is also brilliant. The game offers great sound and lighting. In addition, it is easy to control.

Features of Air Hockey Glow: 2 Players

  • Reach the 15 points first to win
  • The attractive arcade game for 2 players
  • Great sound and light

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.

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