Among Us Online

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What is Among Us Online


Among Us Online is a suggestion if you are looking for a game that enhances your deductive reasoning skills. Step aboard the spaceship and start playing now!

Overview of gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned the role of teammate or impostor. All members of the spacecraft must work together to complete all assigned tasks. The tasks in the game can be repairing electricity, redirecting power sources, cleaning and taking out trash, etc. All of these tasks are very important because they bring survival to the flying spaceship. in space. Through these assigned tasks, you can observe the actions of fellow players. If the task is completed successfully, you will be recognized as a teammate. If the mission is ruined, you will be suspected of being an impostor. This debate process will take place through conversations in the spacecraft. Those suspected will be eliminated immediately. If eliminated correctly, the advantage will be in favor of the teammate, if eliminated incorrectly, the advantage will be in favor of the impostor. In the end, the team with the most members remaining will win.

Customize and unlock

Among characters allow you to customize appearance such as skin types, hats and pets. In addition, you can unlock items and cosmetics in the game's store. Character customization brings a sense of fun and makes the game not boring. Let's upgrade your character with the most outstanding costumes on this spaceship!

Attractive multiplayer game

The game offers cross-platform gameplay, allowing players on different devices and operating systems to participate in the same game. This feature has contributed to its popularity by allowing friends and players from all over the world to connect and play together. Multiplayer games also have many different games such as Rocket Bot Royale, you can participate and experience. So what are you waiting for? Team up with your friends and start playing the game right now!

How to play

  • Use the up arrow or W key to move up
  • Use the down arrow or S key to move down
  • Use left arrow or A key to move left
  • Use the right arrow or D key to move right.

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