Gold Miner

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What is Gold Miner


Gold Miner is a gold mining game that has been around for a long time. Up to now, the game has many new versions for 2 players that are extremely attractive.

In this new version, you will have 2 game modes 1P and 2P.

In 1P mode, you will own a gold picker. Your task is to collect enough gold in the allotted time. The amount of gold you collect will be converted into money. The bigger the gold, the more money. The amount you earn must be equal to or greater than the specified amount you will be able to proceed to the next level.

In 2P mode, you will own 2 gold pickers. In this mode, you can play with friends. The mission of 2P mode remains the same as that of 1P mode.

The ultimate goal of the game is to conquer the highest level in the Gold Miner game. In the later levels, you will see many valuable items appear such as diamonds, power-up bags, and cannons, ... will support you in upgrading your money high and help your gold mining process become easier.

How to play

The pick lever will automatically move, please aim and release the lever in the right position to pick up the gold.

1 player

  • Click to pick up gold

2 players

  • Player 1: Use the S key to pick up gold
  • Player 2: Use the down arrow key to pick up gold

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