Avatar Game

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What is Avatar Game


Take part in a fun journey in Avatar Game

You will turn into Jake Sully who has to overcome tons of deadly obstacles in Avatar Game. Moreover, you have a chance to view many beautiful landscapes.

Avatar is a well-known movie that inspired many online games. Avatar Game was released recently which also attracted many players. You will meet the familiar character - Jake Sully in this game. With the same gameplay as in Geometry Dash, this game is challenging any skillful players worldwide. Jumping over barriers is the only way to exist.

Some features of modes and levels in Avatar Game

Explore two mode

This game offers practice mode and normal mode for players. If you just play this game for the first time, you should get used to the terrains first. You can join the Practice mode where you can replay the game at the last checkpoint. Of course, when you are familiar with gameplay and obstacles, let's move to normal mode. You have to run without touching any obstacles. Otherwise, you must restart at the starting point.

Play three levels

You can select one of three levels that are available on our website. Each level will have different backgrounds which appear in Avatar Game. In Stereo Madness, you will join the normal race in the Na'vi forest. There are many jumping pads at Pandora Bay of Back On Track level. The Polargeist level with the forest of souls and jumping rings is a great choice for pro players.

How to play

  • Press the spacebar or click the left mouse button to jump over.
  • Use the Z key to check the checkpoint
  • Use the X key to remove the checkpoint.

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