Bad Time Simulator

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What is Bad Time Simulator


Bad Time Simulator is a game that challenges your reaction speed through levels with many obstacles. Don't let a broken heart be your goal in this game.

Boss Battles

Coming to the game, you will be overwhelmed by the challenges that take place consecutively and change scenes quickly. These consecutive levels are considered boss battles that the game creator provides to players, bringing a feeling of suspense and charisma.

In the game, you need to control your heart to overcome continuously placed obstacles. These obstacles will move quickly but will leave gaps for the heart to avoid collision. Your mission is to safely get the heart into the gaps without getting caught in moving obstacles. Your controls must be extremely sensitive and your direction of movement must be clear so that your heart does not collide with obstacles.

The boss battles are elaborately staged and extremely logical. To overcome these battles, you need to practice your reflexes to be able to continue the game until the end of the boss battles. The thrilling moments when participating in Bad Time Simulator will make you have to replay this game many times, don't give up until you conquer the final stage in the game. To experience more games with boss battles, Geometry Dash Lite will be an interesting game for you to experience.

Limited game frame

The game's scope is narrowed to just a small frame in the middle of the screen. The size of the frame will change when you play more advanced levels, this change will give you a more novel game space. Play the game now to see if the transformation surprises you or not!

Features in the game Bad Time Simulator

  • Minimalist graphics
  • The game is fast-paced
  • Simulate difficulty through each level
  • Design diverse and beautiful obstacles

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the heart to safe locations.


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