Basket Swooshes Plus

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What is Basket Swooshes Plus


Basket Swooshes Plus is an addictive basketball hit game with attractive 3D graphics. Join the game and show your opponent your amazing pitching skills.

If you're a basketball fan, you can now play against the machine or your friends in two-player mode. In the game, you will not have to play a regular basketball game, but instead, show off your skills to accurately throw the ball into the basket. In each available game option, you have to set the trajectory of the ball and earn points.

To expand the gameplay, three competition styles are included: Time Trial, World Cup, and 2 players. In time trial mode, you must mark 11 baskets in a minute, or in machine or friend mode. The first player to reach eleven points wins the game and moves on to the Basket Swooshes Plus competition. Furthermore, you can put your skills to the test by playing against another person, your CPU, or, more interestingly, an entire championship that needs an even greater skill level.


  • The game has beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Many game modes for you to test.
  • Practice the ability to throw the basketball quickly and accurately.
  • Simple gameplay attracts players.
  • Explore the game on all web browsers on PC and phone.

How to play

  • To play, use the mouse pointer to aim the ball into the basket, and throw 11 balls into the first basket to win.

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