Bomb It 4

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What is Bomb It 4


The Bomb It series has been updated to the 4th version, which is Bomb It 4. In this episode, you will experience completely new game modes with more challenges.

To be the last one standing at the end of each level, use your bombs to clear the way for your enemies and blow them up. By trying to gather power-ups, weapons, and even vehicles that you can locate in levels, you can try to put yourself in a better position to defeat your opponents. In addition, there are 4 distinct game levels you can play, each with its own objective! This includes the original arcade mode where you have to try to eliminate all your opponents, the battle royale mode where you have to eliminate 10 opponents, the coin collection mode where you compete against other players and brick card mode where you have to color 50 different colors tiles try to collect 10 coins. What's more in this episode, you can really transform your characters and upgrade your character with a variety of fashionable clothes. Conquer every mode in the game now!

Here are five standout features of Bomb It 4

  • The game has 4 interesting game modes
  • Collect coins to win
  • New map with many challenges
  • Multiplayer game
  • Costume options for characters

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Bomb It 3, Dirt Bike Max Duel, Yatzy Arena, Car Eats Car: Arctic Adventure.


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