Yatzy Arena

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What is Yatzy Arena


Yatzy Arena is a fun 2 player arcade game where you will roll the dice to get the highest score. Are you ready to try your luck in this fascinating game?

Your goal in the game is to get the highest overall score to beat your opponent. During your turn, you can roll the dice three times to make the final combination that wins and scores the most points. Depending on your prediction of what will happen next, you can keep one or more dice results from each roll.

In the dice roll area, you should note the following guidelines. During each roll of the dice, if you feel the current spin has a low payout, you can click the dice to "hold" them for the next turn instead of choosing any.

In the scoreboard area, you should note the following instructions. This table contains both your score and your opponent's score. The allowed combinations are shown on the left, your score can be checked or filled in the middle column and your opponent's score can be seen on the right. After completing your roll, you must use your gold to click on one of the available options to select the part of the scoreboard that you want to fill. You can finally see your current score as well as your opponent's overall score above the scoreboard.

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to play and perform other operations.

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