Bomber 3D

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What is Bomber 3D


Boost your friendship in the 3D action 2-player game which is Bomber 3D. Control your character to plant bombs and eliminate your formidable opponent.

Let the bombs of this game explode in your mind. First, you need to choose the design to start the game. Invite your friend to play with you in this 2-player battle. Choose one of the modes and scales to start the game. Take control of your character to move on the map. Place bombs to open the way and approach opponents. When you bomb, stand away from the location of the bomb to avoid being hit. If you get hit by a bomb, the game is over. After detonating an area, you will probably get some support items. Use them to boost your skills.

Remarkable information about Bomber 3D

Design in the game

You are given 4 main maps. Each map has 4 main scales including small, medium, large, and x-large. At a high scale, the game will be more interesting.

How to control character

The first player

  • Use the ARROW keys to move
  • Use the ENTER key to bomb

The second player

  • Use the WASD keys to walk
  • Use the SPACEBAR key to bomb

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