Break Bricks 2 Player

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What is Break Bricks 2 Player


Break Bricks 2 Player is a first ball based block destruction game. In the game, you will admire the beautiful pixel blocks. Even better when you see it crumble.

The game is designed for 1 player and 2 players. To know more about the rules of Break Bricks 2 Player, please refer to the following detailed content.

Rules for 1 player

In single player mode, you need to move the ball support bar so that the ball does not fall out of the safe position. In this mode, you will have 3 hearts equivalent to 3 lives. The first white ball is very important. If you drop the first ball more than 3 times you will have to start over from the beginning. So cleverly support the ball so that the ball collides with the blocks. then the blocks will disappear. 1 ball will not be able to do miracles. So you need to catch the blue and yellow balls. The colored balls will spawn other white balls. The more white balls spawned, the faster the pixel block will be destroyed.

In this 1 player mode, you will experience many different levels of play. When you destroy the pixel blocks in the first level, you will be transferred to conquer the next level. Try to collect rewards to fill 3 lives. Because that will help you conquer more levels.

How to control 1 player

  • Use left/right arrow keys to control

Rules for 2 players

In 2 player mode, you will join the bow with 1 other friend and perform play operations on the same keyboard. This mode has 5 turns. Whoever gets 5 stars first wins. In this mode there is no life limit, the important thing is how long it takes you to destroy the blocks. So try to get the ball to destroy the pixel blocks as quickly as possible.

How to control 2 players

Player 1

  • Use A/D keys to move

Player 2

  • Use left/right arrow keys to control

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