Capybara Clicker

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What is Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is an incremental online game inspired by capybara, an adorable rodent. How many capybaras can you create today and in the future?

Simple clicker

The game gives you an extremely simple way to play without losing the initial effort. You just need to click on the biggest mouse to start growing more mice. In the left corner of the screen, there is an energy meter bar. If you click quickly and continuously until the energy bar is filled, the number of clicks will be added. After accumulating a lot of gold mice, buy more support to unlock more interesting things in the game. If you like this incremental game you can join a similar game like Cookie Clicker City.

The process of unlocking the help

The point of the game is to provide many supports so that you can achieve as many capybaras as possible. The first support is the automatic click button. Initially, you only need to click 50 capybaras to unlock this function. Next is the Clicker Man function, you will open this function if you click 125 capybaras. Just keep clicking and you'll unlock many other great supports. Later on, the supports need to have more capybaras to unlock. When you reach the number of capybaras, you will know what the name of that function is.

Upgrade your capybara

You can upgrade your capybara through a variety of hats. To unlock these hats, you also need to achieve certain milestones after each click. There are many types of hats you can own, such as an apple hat, a wizard hat, a Santa hat, a straw hat, and more. The game becomes more captivating when your capybara has more appealing appearances.

Weather element in Capybara Clicker

A very special thing when you join the game is to explore weather elements like in real life. The game has rain, sun, wind, snow, these interesting effects will make your gaming space more splendid than ever. Let's explore all the weather elements in the game to see which weather elements bring you the best entertainment space!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to click on the capybara, click on the upgrades and options available in the game.


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