Dou Survival

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What is Dou Survival


Join Dou Survival to help your characters to reach the quit portal. The game requests you to cooperate with another person to complete the challenging level.

This is an attractive double-player game. The game lets you conquer the level with your friend. Both of you will play the game as a team and support each other to pass the level. You will be trapped on the playing field. In order to escape, both of them must find the exit. You can easily see the exit port on the screen. However, to reach there, you and your partner have to go through a lot of difficulties. There are many high platforms that make it impossible to jump over or rocks blocking your way, which makes the game more difficult. As a result, your survival journey also becomes more arduous.

Teammates must support each other. Push the switch to open the stone doors or the elevator. In addition, you also have to perform another important task, which is to collect cogs. You must collect the required cogs to advance to the next level.

How to play

The girl character

If you choose the girl, you will use W to jump over the high platforms. A and D will help your character go back or go forward. Finally, when facing the enemies, you can throw the bottles to destroy them.

The man character

To control the man, you or your partner will use the arrow keys. The up arrow key is used for jumping. Press the double arrow key to jump higher. Use the left and right arrow keys to move. The man character can break the stone door with the stick, so you press the up arrow key to hit.


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