Dou Survival 2

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What is Dou Survival 2


Dou Survival 2 brings a thrilling adventure of two characters. You will play as a team with another one to collect the required cogs and reach the exit.

Two characters are lost in the city. They will probably be stuck longer if they can not reach the exit portal. To help them, let’s join the game now. When playing the game, if you want to complete the level faster, you should invite another person to play. Both of you will control your character on the same device. Support each other to overcome the challenges at the level and gather the cogs before reaching the exit.

In the game, each character has outstanding advantages. The girl character can throw the bottles to turn on the switch, which can help the remaining character use the elevator and overcome the high platform. The man character can use the stick to break the stone doors. So, the girl can overcome them and reach the exit. Remember that both characters must stand in front of the exit together to pass the level.

The challenging levels

In the game, there are 20 challenging levels available for you to try. The difficulty level will increase gradually through each level. Both of you may encounter many blocking doors, high platforms, and gaps. Make an effort to overcome them. You can replay many times to practice and train your skills.

The gold cogs

Each level asks you to collect three cogs. If you can not collect all of them, you still pass the level. However, when you complete all available levels, you must use 60 cogs to unlock other levels. Therefore, you should not miss any cogs at each level. They will help you unlock many exciting levels. Try your best.

How to play

Player 1

  • W to jump.
  • A and D to go back or forward.
  • S to throw bottles.

Player 2

  • The up arrow key to jump.
  • The left and right arrow keys to go back or forward.
  • The down arrow key to throw bottles.
  • The traits of Dou Survival 2

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