Drac & Franc

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What is Drac & Franc


Coming to Drac & Franc you will discover adventures combined with extremely interesting puzzles. Control 2 characters in the game to pass all levels now!

The game has gameplay similar to the popular Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple games. But the game gives you a beautiful graphic space along with extremely engaging gameplay. In the game, you will control 2 characters Drac and Franc. The character Drac is a character whose graphic is a vampire with a red cape. The character Franc has blue skin. Each character has a unique trait. The character Drac will only collect red water bottles and red diamonds. The character Drac will only collect screws. Two characters can assist each other in collecting all the items in the game. These items are often placed in dangerous locations. For example, sharp thorns, or warning signs. Jump over them so you don't lose your life. The end of each level will be the scene where Drac and Franc go into the tunnel together. Try to collect all the items to finish the level perfectly.

The game has 15 levels for you to conquer. As you go up to the higher levels you will see more difficult challenges. More than that, you need to collect more items. Join the experience of all levels to see how long it takes you to pass the puzzles. Joining the game with friends in the game is also a great idea. Will you and your friends complete all the levels without giving up?

How to play

  • To control the character Drac use the WAD keys to move
  • To control the character Franc use the arrow keys to move

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