Drift 3

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What is Drift 3


Drift 3 is a fun driving game. In this game, you have to steer your car to gain victory in 8-player races. Are you ready to conquer this running game?

Are you stressed? Are you tired? The responsibility of study, work, and even family put a hard burden on your shoulder. Do you want to find an interesting way to relax and reduce stress after a hard-working day? Come to the Drift 3 game to experience entertaining moments with other players?

Before starting the official game, let's name you to distinguish between you and other players. In this game, you have to try to become the last surviving person to win. You also can make the game end by falling into space. The race is endless, so you have no choice to end the game except the 2 solutions above.

You can choose your favorite car based on your interest. You can select from a lovely car to a cool car. Have a nice time!

Features of Drift 3

  • The car driving game for multiplayer
  • Select your name and cars
  • Endless races

How to play

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to change the direction
  • Release it to go back

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