Drift Hunters

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What is Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters is an amazing racing game where you will be driving luxury cars. Your challenge is to overcome the zigzag turns to get the highest score.

Have you ever driven a Toyota Corolla AE86? If you have never driven it before, this will be your first driving experience. Your goal in this game is to hunt valuable cars and have superior engines to enter challenging terrains. Start driving the first provided vehicle to initially earn points. The longer you keep the drift car the more high score you will get back. Use the points you earn to unlock more valuable cars. These cars will allow for customization of performance, weight, turbochargers, and the entire engine.

The game requires you to have top-notch driving skills. You have to drive on terrain that is narrow and winding roads, more than death turns, and steep hills. Therefore, you need to train yourself with quick reflexes to handle situations that occur consecutively and suddenly throughout the race. Grab hold of the wheel and show off your top driving skills now!

Game Tips

Drift hunters max is actually much better, especially since you can tweak the engine for more power. That way you can keep drifting better and don't need ridiculous speeds. More than the game you have to upgrade the engine and buy a better car to get good drifts. That's the point of the game.

How to play

To control the car you use the WASD keys. To break, use the spacebar on the keyboard. To change the viewing angle, use the C key. To move the number up, use the left shift key. To move the number down, use the left Ctrl.


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