Traffic Jam 3D

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What is Traffic Jam 3D


Traffic Jam 3D is an exciting car driving game with sharp, realistic images. Start choosing the car you love and start showing off your driving techniques.

Experience 3D driving

The game gives you an extremely realistic 3D driving experience. At the beginning of the game, you will be driving a small car with two seats. Use your driving skills to increase speed as well as observe the cars around you to avoid collisions. In this car, you can see the front, left, and right rear through the rearview mirror. In addition to training you in driving skills, the game also provides requirements and tasks at each level for you to complete.

Each level of play will give a certain amount of time. Within the specified time, if you do not reach the required location, you will not complete the mission and will not be able to move to the new level. The matter of time can be changed because you will be given extra time if you can perform emergencies such as not colliding with other cars on the road and safely passing other cars.

Many new routes

The game offers you many new exciting driving tracks. Typically you can drive on two-way roads, day driving or night driving. On each road, you will experience extremely beautiful scenes such as streets with splendid temple lights at night, endless steppes with windmills. These ideal new routes will definitely be a motivation for you to drive every day. For more driving inspiration, you can also join the Drift Hunter game at 2 player games.

Drive actively by day

You will win many attractive bonuses and gifts when driving actively every day. You can receive additional bonuses every day to upgrade your car to become more modern and have more optimal speed. Drive hard every day to practice your driving skills and experience innovations every day of driving!

How to control a car

  • Use up arrow key to accelerate
  • Use the right arrow to drive right
  • Use the left arrow key to move to the left lane
  • Use N key to use Nitro
  • Use key C to change camera mode

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