Dumb Ways To Die

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What is Dumb Ways To Die


Do you want to know how to overcome near-death situations? Then join the game Dumb Ways To Die now. Don't worry the game will give you tips to overcome death.

There are many seemingly harmless problems in our lives. But behind those conditions are deaths waiting for you. To further clarify this issue, the game Dumb Ways To Die will give you a realistic look at these issues. The situations in the game are very simple, for example, if you eat damaged fruits, you will also die. There are also many other interesting situations such as on a broken boat if you do not swim quickly to the shore you will also die. When you join the game you will see thousands of other reasons.

Why do you need to escape death?

Death is always a scary thing and we still have many reasons to live. To survive each level you need to quickly perform the suggested actions. These suggestions appear very quickly. You need to memorize them and do them as quickly as possible. Because the time at each level is very fast. If you are late, death will not forgive you. Try to run away from death you will get a high score. With over 300 points you can unlock more extremely attractive characters.

Skills required in the game Dumb Ways To Die

With fast-paced events in the game, your top skills need to be nimble. And not necessarily a memorization skill. Because there will be levels that require you to remember the exact image to perform the challenge. Besides the necessary skills, the game also helps you learn more interesting life skills. Help you handle difficult situations when you encounter in daily life.

How to play

To complete the challenges you need to use the mouse. Pay attention to the instructions for each level.


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