Fall Boys and Girls

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What is Fall Boys and Girls


If you are the type to win in multiplayer races then Fall Boys and Girls is a game for you. Run crazy to get the highest achievement in the game.

This game is a new version of the original Fall Guys game. In the game, you will have completely new discoveries and experiences, but the core is still to overcome all obstacles at each level. As you move, you can run, race, slide, jump, fall, flip, punch and shoot your way through crazy hurdles with many other opponents in the game. Moreover, you must always pay attention to avoid the pitfalls ahead to reach the finish line safely. Try to always stay in the first place so you don't get eliminated and move on to the next challenges. To make the game more interesting and bustling, you can join the game with your friends to see who will win in the end.

The game gives you an interesting relaxing space full of new positive energy. Because the players who win will get attractive rewards by unlocking a series of characters with unique shapes in the game store. If you have not won the winning position, do not be sad, try to train you will definitely win one day not far away. Start conquering the game right now!


  • Attractive game graphics and sounds
  • 30 players join to find the only winner
  • Unlock many unique rewards
  • The game is suitable for all ages

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How to play

  • To move the character use WASD
  • To jump use a spacebar
  • To chat with friends using the Enter key

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