Farmer Challenge Party

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What is Farmer Challenge Party


Farmer Challenge Party is an extremely fun game for 2 farmers. Through different farming competitions, whoever has the first 10 points will win.

Join 2 farmers through 4 challenges of choosing chickens, planting and harvesting, vegetable wars and fishing to see who is the best farmer in this game.

The first challenge for two players is the chicken challenge. Go to the area where the chicken is moving, and impact the wooden blocks to make the chicken jump out of the area it is moving. Whoever is faster will catch the falling chicken and re-lock them in their own coop. Whoever picks 10 chickens first will be the winner.

The second challenge was planting and harvesting barley. Use the rice cutter on the available field. Whoever harvests the first 10 bundles of rice will be the winner.

The third challenge is the vegetable war. Collect the vegetables provided then move above the cannon and shoot the opponent. Whoever hits the opponent with 10 rounds of vegetables first will be the winner.

Finally, the challenge of fishing in the rain. Drop the fishing bait, and adjust the fishing line to pull the fish up in the fastest way. Whoever catches 10 fish first will be the winner.

Join the game now with friends to have a fun and entertaining time.


The game has amazing beautiful pixel graphics. 4 exciting game chapters for you to explore. Challenge your friends on all the web browsers available on your computer.

How to play

Player 1:

  • Use "W,A,S,D" to Move
  • Use "S" to Action


Player 2:

  • Use "ARROW KEYS" to Move
  • Use "DOWN ARROW" to Action

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