Fire and Ice

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What is Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice is a fun adventure game with beautiful graphics. Your task is to overcome all the obstacles on the way to the farthest destination in the game.

The Variation Between Fire and Ice

The game gives you an interesting feature when controlling a character but can transform into two states of fire and stone. Each character's status will have its own power. But to switch from stone to fire or vice versa you need to collect diamonds. These diamonds will appear when you destroy all the animals in the way. When you kill all monsters, you also collect valuable coins.


You will have a high chance of survival if you collect precious hearts in the game. Each character will have different lifelines. Each time you collide with obstacles you will lose a lifeline. The game will end if your lifelines are used up.

Time in the game

Each turn will have a duration of 60 seconds. So run fast to move forward. If you crash due to difficult terrain you will have to go back to the beginning and time will continue until the timer runs out. Time will be a challenge for you so go as far as you can in this limited time.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move and jump
  • Use SPACEBAR to attack with available weapons

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