Geometry Dash Breeze

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What is Geometry Dash Breeze


Geometry Dash Breeze is a new game that is known in recent times. The game revolves around the task of overcoming obstacles and completing levels.

Entering the game, you will control a geometric block that runs automatically through obstacles such as spikes, crocodile mouths, cogs, walls, and many other obstacles. Overcoming these obstacles requires concentration and great reflexes. If you accidentally bump into obstacles you will have to start the game from the beginning.

Play Level

The game has 3 challenging levels for you to experience. You can join one of three challenges without having to complete the level from low to high. Each level will give you an extremely impressive entertainment space. In each level try to get 3 stars to prove you have successfully completed this level.

Many people think that the levels are very difficult and not easy to pass. This is true but if you practice the game for a while you will definitely conquer the difficulty of this game. In each level there is Normal Mode and Practice Mode, pay attention to the percentage that you achieve. This is also a measure of your progress every day. It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

Enjoy magic music

With all Geo games, music is always a highlight that players never forget. Yes, the music in the game is extremely exciting, moreover, it also creates an attractive rhythm for the geometry to jump at the right time. With these tunes, you will play the game with an unyielding attitude. Your main task is to complete the challenging levels, but don't forget to feel the soaring, charismatic notes in the game.

Features in the game

  • Familiar 2D graphics
  • Many designs for you to choose
  • The leaderboard is available for you to conquer
  • Rankings are constantly updated
  • Challenge your patience

How to control geometry

Click to jump over all the obstacles.


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